Sunday(s) to Saturday(s) (Weeks of October 12th 2014 and October 19th 2014)

by cameronbarrettstewart


I didn’t get around to doing this last week, so I will make up for it by doing two weeks of reviews in this piece. I am also going to start adding a new rating to these reviews, and future reviews: a repeat viewing quality rating, which lets you know if I think is worth seeing multiple times.

John Wick [In Theaters]

John Wick feels like a 90-minute vodka commercial, and I’m okay with that. This movie is stylish and fun, and left me thinking, “Wow, they actually made that movie.” The action was amazing, the acting was just delightful, and the story was too cheesy not to love. Keanu Reeves shows that he is far from irrelevancy, and that he evidently still has the fountain of youth on tap.

Rating: 8/10

Repeat Viewing Quality: 5/5

Psycho (1960)

I know this sounds weird, but this was the first Hitchcock movie I had ever seen. Psycho is extremely enjoyable, but it is impossible to watch this movie without seeing the points where other films have mimicked it. The movie isn’t dated by its content, its dated by its influence. What really made me enjoy this film was how simple it was. I think its reputation made me think it was going to be highly complex and deeply layered, but it was not. It is a short and direct movie, and its worth watching just so you have some more cultural awareness. Rating it was difficult though, should I rate the movie based on its actual quality or by how influential it was? I decided the split the difference.

Rating: 8/10

Repeat Viewing Quality: 3/5

Children of Men

Children of Men is a technical juggernaut. Even those who are not well versed in film making will recognize how impressive the movie is. One can see the sort of natural evolution that Alfonso Cuarón made from this film to last year’s Gravity. However, just like Gravity, technical expertise does not hide a poor structure and writing. Children of Men seems to rely on the idea that an audience will naturally become attached to the story and characters without any reason to. This does not mesh well with such impressive film making, because the inherent knowledge that I was watching a film never once left my mind. But just have to give this movie credit for how amazing the cinematography, design, and sound design were.

Rating: 8/10

Repeat Viewing Quality: 2/5

Gran Torino

While Gran Torino was quite enjoyable while I was watching it, it only occupied space in my head for a little while before it just evaporated. The film is incredibly honest. Its depiction of father-child relationships, race relationships, and the struggles brought about by immigration all felt very real. My problem was that the movie never felt like it knew what kind of movie it was. If it was a movie focusing on race relations it should have spent more time exploring that. If it was a character driven movie it should have had better character insight and development.

Rating: 7/10

Repeat Viewing Quality: 1/5

Edge of Tomorrow

While I kept meaning to go see Edge of Tomorrow while it was in theaters, I didn’t get around to it. While it was in theaters and since then it has taken a shockingly quick journey to cult status. So when I sat down to watch it I didn’t really know what to expect. While I can’t say the film was as incredible as many have said, it was still good. If you have the time, and you want to watch a good film that doesn’t take itself to seriously, then watch John Wick. And after you watch John Wick, watch Edge of Tomorrow.

Rating: 7/10

Repeat Viewing Quality: 4/5


I guess I just don’t get it.

Rating: 4/10

Repeat Viewing Quality: 1/5