Sunday to Saturday (Week of 10/5/14)

by cameronbarrettstewart

This will be a reoccurring feature on this blog. Many times I will watch many more movies than I have time to write a full article about. Also, sometimes I will watch a movie that is pretty straightforward and doesn’t really call for a deep analysis. With this in mind, every week (hopefully) I will take time to write a short blurb about the movies I saw for the first time in the last week. So without further ado, here is the first Sunday to Saturday, from Sunday October 5th to Saturday October 11th.


From the time when we were still on the bad side of motion capture movies, its Beowulf! This is a prime example of a movie that I feel doesn’t call for deep analysis, because its source material has already been analyzed so much. From the opinions I had heard about the film, I expected to be completely underwhelmed, but I was not. It was an enjoyable film, and I certainly didn’t feel like I was wasting my time watching it. Really the only major problem it has is the motion capture animation, which dates the film immediately. Almost every time I was watching a scene, I couldn’t help but feel I would rather be watching it in live action. Really the only time I felt it was necessary was with Grendel, played by Crispin Glover, because the character was not human, but a grotesque monster. I wouldn’t recommend the film to everyone, but certainly if you are a Game of Thrones fan eagerly waiting between seasons, this movie feels similar in a way.


The Raid: Redemption

I think in the future I will write a longer piece on action movies, and in that piece I will definitely be talking about this movie. The Raid was a fantastic action movie. It didn’t fiddle around too much with the outside plot, instead it was pretty much one action sequence after another. As opposed to many action movies that try too hard to push in an unbearable plot into the middle of the action. It’s also a movie that benefits from a lack of major movie stars, because you don’t get those “Well I know Bruce Willis can’t die” moments. This movie was fantastic, and definitely has potential to be watched over and over again. On a side note, I definitely love when movies make a point to give a punch or a kick real impact, as opposed to looking like a pillow fight.


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This movie is the Coen Brother’s take on The Odyssey, only if it took place in the 1930s south. The Coen Brothers continue to excel at what they do best, taking horrible situations and making them hilarious. The film had few dull moments, and definitely had a great Homeric vibe. Though, the standout feature of the movie has to be the soundtrack. I had heard for years about this movie’s amazing soundtrack, and it really was fantastic. The Coen Brothers have a great track record with choosing songs for their movies, especially True Grit and The Big Lebowski. The only weakness of the movie comes from the fact that the movie felt like it was slightly hollow. Its message speaks a lot about heart and love; it would have been nice to see more of that in its presentation.



Tombstone isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, its a lot more Die Hard than The Departed. That’s not saying that that Die Hard is bad, because I would have to be crazy to think that. I’m really saying that Tombstone is not a subtle movie, it’s a fun fest of action and kick-ass dialogue that makes you want do push-ups and play poker for pink slips.”


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Gone Girl

“The film displays the same delicacy that I have seen in Fincher’s more recent endeavors (The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, House of Cards). The way everything seems so meticulously arranged, on every level of the process, makes for an experience where you don’t want be distracted from it for a second. In a world where so many movies seem superficial, its nice to see reminders that filmmakers can trust the audience to pay attention and think, and not have to state everything for them.”


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